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    Compilation of theme elements needed in Carbide.Ui

    This thread is meant to compile the item elements that you would like the Carbide team to include in their updates.

    Personally I would like:
    - Search widget icon
    - Calendar mini icons (when you create an event)
    - Email icons (toolbar icons, follow-up icons, expand/colapse group icons, new email icon, etc)
    - Radio toolbar icons
    - Conversations icons (the whole thing: toolbar icons, bubbles, background etc)
    - Notifications icons on the top right of the screen (WLAN icon when connected and WLAN found, accessories, alarms, etc)
    - Email widget icons (Mail for exchange icon and all others)
    - Speech settings Icon (Settings > Phone > speech)
    - Play via Radio settings icon (Connectivity > Play via Radio)
    - USB Media transfer settings icon (Connectivity > USB > Media Transfer)
    - Video icons (Last watched, captured, other video clips and Store)
    - Photos toolbar icons (Mark, Change view, share)
    - File manager mini icons (Empty folder)
    - Nokia Browser (anna) icons (can't be changed with current UIDs)
    - Dialer Phonebook icons (no-picture contact; icon in "social networks" button in contact details; address icons in contact details both valid and unvalid)
    - All contacts icons (Add to favourites; Create my card, no-picture contact, masks)
    - Search app icons (Store icons, music icons, web links icons)

    Feel free to add anything else.

    I emailed Carbide.Ui team for this but no reply for 2 weeks. Sent 2 emails, received answer to one. Disappointed.

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    Re: Compilation of theme elements needed in Carbide.Ui

    OK, here we go:

    - ALL tab icons
    - Intranet, Setting wizard in Settings > App settings
    - Connectivity > Settings > Destinations and below, and pop-up menus here
    - Contacts > Groups
    - Log > Recent calls, all three lists, the icons of the other comm device
    - Log > Detailed log, incoming/outgoing/missed icons

    Some of there can be reached in TMA but should really appear in the original package as well.
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    Re: Compilation of theme elements needed in Carbide.Ui

    Carbide.ui (Series 40):

    Entry UI (Nokia C1-01, C1-02, C2-00): "Alarm"
    Simple UI (Nokia C3, X2-01): "Communities" and "Store" (there's an option to skin the "Store" icons in Carbide.ui, however they don't seem to show up in any theme so far)

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    Re: Compilation of theme elements needed in Carbide.Ui

    Settings > App settings > Camera > Image
    Settings > App settings > Intranet
    File manager empty folder icon (qgn_prop_folder_empty is not used on N8 Anna)
    Contacts > Edit > map address icon

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