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    RComm::Write() just write 8 bytes of data

    I have an app that writes to ports by RComm::Write(), but the point is when I pass a descriptor that contains for example 20 bytes of data, the Write() method just write 8 bytes of them and when I write second 20 bytes, the next 8 bytes of first descriptor will be wrote.
    I avoid this by making a buffer and traverse over it and write data by step of 8 bytes. But in real application it caused a sever penalty for performance.
    Why the port behaves like that?

    I do the below configurations for RComm object:
        RComm iComm;
        TCommConfig iConfig;
        iComm.Config (iConfig);
        iConfig().iTerminatorCount = 0;
        iConfig().iRate = EBps9600;
        iConfig().iDataBits = EData8;
        iConfig().iStopBits = EStop1;
        iComm.SetConfig (iConfig);
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    Re: RComm::Write() just write 8 bytes of data

    How do you see that, what receives these bytes? This is what I tried to ask in #7 of http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ing-with-ports

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