Hi, I'm currently implementing a service using Qt mobility on a Nokia E7 with Symbian Anna.
Everything works fine, but when I want to use a SecurityFilter to manage the access control of my service, I can only play with 4 variables:

I have a "const QRemoteServiceRegisterCredentials *cr" that have 4 parameters: pid, gid, fd and uid.

Using qDebug I noticed that pid=-1 (always), uid=1(always), fd= change over time and "gid" seems to be specific to a client.

Do you know a way to specify this "gid" value to allow me providing application that have privileged access to my service? And do you know the meaning of those values?

The only doc I found is this and it is clearly not enough for me -> http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility/s...rameworks.html