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    QEMU Slow on Windows 7


    I am new to develop applications for Harmattan. I installed QEMU Emulator to run N9 Meego application created using QML-Qt. When i start to run the application the Emulator is very slow it just load the Splash screen and become idle
    I am able to run the same application in Qt Simulator and its working fine.
    I am using Windows7. Will u please let me know how can make the Emulator faster.

    Also in the emulator the application only loads in Portrait Even when i turn the emulator in not works

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    Re: QEMU Slow on Windows 7

    QEMU is slow because it emulates ARM system. As far as I know there is no way to make it faster.
    It's slow even on my i7 with Linux.

    Simulator is way faster because it runs x86 executable inside a "frame" which looks like a phone.

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