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    Package numerous images with can't install


    I build a sis that package a lots images file,the file total size about 100mb, file quantity is 3000

    I package images in pro code like this :

    addSourceDir01.sources = C:\QtSDK\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian3Qt473_12b\epoc32\data\z\private\e4b77074\mapgogo\Paris
    addSourceDir01.path = e:\private\E4B77074\MapGoGo
    DEPLOYMENT += addSourceDir01

    Problem is install it in N8 very slow.The install progress to 50 % take me 30 min, and show me the

    memory is not enough, the install interrupted.

    So i even can't complete the install, the only way is copy the source images to N8 directly.

    Whether have better method to add file in sis?

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    Re: Package numerous images with can't install

    Installing application on which drive?

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