We have an existing Symbian C++ based application (not QT), and are adding a Widget to that to allow quick access to a summary of information. It has been straightforward to create a widget using the Hs::IHsDataObserver interfaces etc, and most things are working as expected on N97 and N8. However, on more recent devices (eg the N8) there is a homescreen option "Widgets to offline mode" (which is distinct from setting the whole phone to offline mode)

From looking through the Wiki and discussions, I can see there is a WRT callback and value that can be used to detect if a WRT widget should access the network or not, but have so far been unable to find any information about an equivalent notifier for C++ based widgets. I've looked through the Symbian^3 headers for any tell tale PubSub keys that might be out there but not found any that look relevant for that setting, unless I've missed one.

So the question is - is there a way of a Symbian C++ Widget (not using WRT or QT) of detecting the state of the home-screen's "Widgets to offline mode" setting?