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Thread: i need help

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    i need help

    I want to make mobile application and here are the major software problems in the project:

    - Capturing video and streaming it to a server.
    - Full access on the different time frames of the video sequence (real time). e.g. dealing with the mobile camera at low-level.
    - Overlaying annotations (lines/text) over video sequences displayed on the mobile screen.
    - Availability of image processing libraries
    - Easy interface with serial, BT, WiFi ports of the mobile phone.

    i want to know the best
    OS , Tools , libraries and model of mobile

    for my application


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    Re: i need help

    First you have to decide the platform for which you want to develop the application,,then use perfect tools and SDK for that,,

    GO here and select :


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    Re: i need help

    1: You can't do what you want with Java (J2ME), WRT or Flash Lite. That'll eliminate/limit your alternatives a bit.

    2: You most probably can't develop such an app for Windows Phone. That'll eliminate some phone models, too.

    3: You most probably need a system/platform that allows "native" apps. That leaves you with, in the case of Nokia, Symbian based phones, the old maemo N900 or the newer MeeGo N9.

    4: You can develop the app for Android (possibly with the assistance of the "NDK", Native SDK) and iPhone (iOS).

    What's "best" is then a matter of taste, skills, tools you choose (related to skills), which hardware is enough, money (how much you want to invest (e.g., you could do it it free tools for a <100EUR phone, or buy a >700EUR phone).

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