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    Smile Running A Program After Started In Background

    I am a new developer on J2ME. I am using a mobile NOKIA 5230. I need some information about:
    1. When the program started by the user go to background and execute its process there without hampering the other process.
    2. When the program stopped by the user, the process running background will be stopped immediately.
    Please, help me if it possible on that device with how can I make it with J2ME with some sample code.
    Khandaker Mustakimur Rahman
    CSE'07 CUET

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    Re: Running A Program After Started In Background

    Hi and welcome to Nokia's Discussion Boards,

    1. What you need is most likely to hide your application from the Task Manager, effectively hidding it on the system. The only visual clue that it is running on the background is a small circle on the app's icon.
    You can find more information about that on the following page:

    2. This is actually a simple call to the notifiedDestroyed() method. You can read more about a MIDlet's lifecircle here:

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