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    Series 40 6th edition bluetooth app

    Hey everyone...
    These might be silly questions but i hv got to ask them as I am tired of searching for answers on threads.
    Q1.Is it possible to develop an app that can control bluetooth operations on series 40??
    Q2.Can't I develop app for series 40 using c like in the case of series 60? (Only java sdk is available for dwnload)
    PLz help guys..........

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    Re: Series 40 6th edition bluetooth app

    S40 phones are Java based not Symbian based,, SO you can use only java SDK to develop for it,.

    Search for Bluetooth API in J2ME,


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    Re: Series 40 6th edition bluetooth app

    By the approach of Nokia World 2011 (http://events.nokia.com/nokiaworld/) the rumors about Qt coming to Series 40 are appearing again. If it ever happens and it happens in the near future, and if it happens to any existing devices, Series 40 6th edition ones would be an obvious pick.

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