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    search files in mobile

    hi friends i created a player using j2me..am able to play the songs..but my question is how can i add all the songs in memory card@phon memory to the player..i dont know how to search all the mp3 files in phon memory@memory card..i can able to add song files when i know the exact foder ..pls help me to find a correct solution...i want to find all the song files in mobile ?pls help me..thanks
    i used filesystemregisrty.listroots and then list functions..it works..but when a song in file:///e:/data/music/hindi/filename.mp3..how can i find that file..

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    Re: search files in mobile

    Hi RegeshGopal,

    There is an example of manual directory traversing here:


    Now if you remove entirely line 149 and replace it with this code
           browser.append(fileName, null);
    you will get only the .mp3 files, on each directory.

    By calling recursively the traverseDirectory method you can traverse all the directories of the memory card automatically.

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