In Australia our banks are using NFC to make payments, they have developed software/apps for the customers, however they are all currently pushing Iphones 4 and 4s to be used, and then selling the customers a special case for the phone that has the NFC chip builtin. The biggest bank in australia didnt even know that nokia had phones with NFC chips built in.

But occuring to the information that I have found on the developers website, the nfc chip have not been enable by nokia to allow such use as yet. Right now there are 2 major bank in australia actively pushing it with a total in excess of 50M customers, if the chips can be used this way the information on the site needs to be updated, becuase if they read this they would not even bother to try to develop an app for a nokia phone. So far they have developed apps for iphone with nfc use and are currently working on an andriod equivalent. they have also developed regular apps for iphones, andriod, and windows phone, but not nokia. I am trying to educate them aboiut the nokia phone and the use of Qt to allow for a better set of uniform apps across all O/S's. But nokia will really need to update what can be done with the NFC chips. There are also other banks working on this, so the market here in Australia is huge for this, we are a very technology hungry country, so Nokia would stand to capture a large volume of customers just by enableing something that is already builtin