I am developing a MIDlet wich connects via an HTTP connection to a webserver, I managed to connect to the server and send/receive data in the Nokia Emulator using "Nokia Series 60 MIDP Concept SDK Beta 0.2" and in a real palm device.

But on my Nokia 7650 it don't works sending data.
I have upgrade my Nokia 7650 phone to version 4.39.

1)First it didnt work at all.
But after I had change my settings in my phone, I was able to receiving data.
What I have done was this:
If you're using a WAP access point, try switching to
an Internet access point with a gateway IP address of
Ok it works but why?
But only receiving data works ok

2) sending data I got this error message:
An error wa encountered while sending : java.io.IOExceptioin:
status = -20015

What to do?

Best Regards,