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    Nokia Publish Support Team Presents Our Updated FAQ List V.2

    The Nokia Publish Support Team is happy to share a compiled list of top common questions posted by our publishers! This information has been updated in our Support Page where you can find the answers to many publishing questions.

    #1: Why is my content item not available in the Nokia Store?

    There could be several explanations for this and the top reasons are:
    1. Your item has not been published
    2. The device and country distribution settings are outside your search parameter
    3. The search date is not within the start and end dates of the content item

    For more information on these reasons, please refer to the check-list in our Nokia Publish Support page: Checklist - Item not Available in Nokia Store.

    #2 How can I protect my content item from being hacked?

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an option available to prevent illegal distribution of your content item. With the Forward Lock method, a server encapsulates a content file in a DRM message before sending it to a device. That device can launch the file but cannot distribute it to other devices. To learn more about applying DRM to your content item, please refer to Applying DRM to Content

    #3 What devices support Qt apps?

    There are a number of devices which support Qt content items. The latest list can be found at the following link: Device Specifications. Select “Qt” from the drop down menu of the basic device filter.

    #4 When can I expect my payment after receiving the invoice?

    Nokia will issue the payment to your bank within 2-3 days; however your bank may take more time to process the amount to your account. For more information, please refer to the following link in the Nokia Support Page: When will I receive my actual deposit?

    #5 Are non-English characters allowed for Bank Details?

    Unfortunately, only English characters are allowed. For more information, please refer to the following link in the Nokia Publish Support Page: Using Local Language for Bank Details

    #6 Can negative user reviews be removed from the Nokia Store?

    Unfortunately, as long as the review is relevant to a consumer’s experience with the content item, the review cannot be removed. For more information on removing user reviews, please refer to Review Removal in the Nokia Publish Support Page.

    #7 Can consumers request for refunds?

    A consumer is able to request for refunds through Nokia Customer Care. Kindly note that customers will require a Nokia account in order to submit an inquiry with Nokia Customer Care. If they do not have an account, they can register at https://account.nokia.com/acct/register

    We are constantly evolving our Support Page to provide as much information as possible for your publishing needs. If you have any feedback, please let us know!

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    Nokia Publish Support Team Presents Our Updated FAQ List Part 2

    We have updated our support website FAQ section to cover all common questions. Check it out here!

    #1 Can I use the UIDs from Symbian Signed for Nokia Signing?

    We do not sign applications packaged with UIDs from Symbian Signed. Your application must use UIDs issued by Nokia in order for us to proceed with the signing process. Please contact Publisher Support to receive these UIDs.

    #2 I have created a Qt application and wish to publish for the N9. Should I upload my content as a “Qt application” or “MeeGo/Maemo”?

    If you have developed the Qt application for MeeGo distribution, please upload your content under “Qt application”.

    #3 My MeeGo application has failed QA due to incorrect file naming format. What should be the correct way?

    The package name should follow the following format when uploading to the Nokia Publish tool:
    • starts with an alphanumeric character
    • does not contain more than 100 characters
    • only includes lower-case letters (a-z), digits (0-9), periods, plus (+) or minus (-) signs
    Please refer to the full details in the MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation.

    #4 How can I publish wallpapers and ringtones?

    In order to publish personalization content such as audio, ringtones, videos, and wallpapers, you need to apply to be a Media Publisher. This requires you to have a corporate account. Please see page 14 of the publisher guide for information on applying to be a Media Publisher.

    #5 My application has failed QA for not providing a valid support website. I do not have a website. What should I do?

    For games and applications, a valid support website is required to provide our end users with a support channel for troubleshooting purposes. Please create a support website with valid contact information and resubmit your item for review. The support website should include your support email address. The email address needs to be clear and visible on the home page.

    Please note that for personalization content, a support website is not required.

    The Nokia Publish Support Team thanks you for helping us with compiling this list for all our valued publishers. We encourage you to provide feedback to help us improve your publisher experience with us!

    Best regards,
    Nokia Publish Support Team
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