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    Angry Can't compile EPONG GAME

    Hi ,
    I am new to Symbian app developing.
    I have Symbian SDK installed and Carbide 3.3.0 version.
    I have imported EPONG game ,assigned SBSv1 compiler , but when I try to compile I get

    Fatal error:goommonitorsession.h : No such file or directory

    It's real frustrating because the file "goommonitorsession.h" is in "epoc32/include" folder also it's shown in Includes list in project explorer panel.
    It seems that I am stuck with this no matter what.

    I managed somehow to include this file , but then again there are new errors, can't compile a single project.
    My first try was epong , than I tried some other projects from example/gui folder , there are always at least few errors.
    I think I am gonna try with QT.

    Some help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance , Aleks
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    Re: Can't compile EPONG GAME


    I'd recommend you go with Qt unless you specifically need to use the Symbian SDK. It is much easier and... saner.

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    Re: Can't compile EPONG GAME

    Hi there,

    You mentioned there are new errors, please could you post them?

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