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    FAQ: Preparing Apps for Application Updates

    The Nokia Store now lets consumers know every time you release an update for your application. Here are the common questions asked about this new feature!

    Q: What devices and content types do App updates support?

    Devices – App updates are supported by Symbian^3 and MeeGo devices.

    Content Types – Nokia Store can update the following content types:
    - Symbian — .sis or .sisx
    - MeeGo — .deb
    - Qt — .sis, .sisx, or .deb
    - Java — .jad and .jar
    - Web RunTime (WRT) widgets — .wgz
    - Flash Lite — .sis or .sisx

    App updates are not currently supported for Series 40 web apps, Maemo apps, themes, or Media Publisher content such as audio, ringtones, video, or wallpaper.

    Q: How do I submit an application update in Nokia Publish?

    To update your application, click the “Content File” tab and click “Edit File” for the file you would like to replace. Upload your updated file and edit other fields and distribution settings as needed. Click “Submit file to QA” to start the QA review.

    Do not add a new content file. This generates multiple content files for the same product variant and will result in a failure during the QA review.

    Q: Should I use a different UID for my newly updated application?

    Please do not change the app identifier for an app update, for example, the UID for a Symbian app. Nokia Store uses this identifier to check if a consumer’s apps need updates.

    For detailed information on updating your application, please see the Preparing Apps for App Updates guide.

    Nokia Publish Support Team
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