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    Unhappy How to overcome: Multitouch hides application on N9

    If you have an application where you sometimes need to have two simultaneous touches at two edges of the screen (e.g. left and right), the application disappears. It becomes a normal open but hidden minimised application that can be re-maximised. I do not know any gesture that requires this kind of touch action.

    How to have a cure for this? Is there a way do disable this annoying feature? Does it even need a fix in the OS perhaps?

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    Re: How to overcome: Multitouch hides application on N9

    It seems like it is an OS bug. It reproducible on all applications even on screen saver. Could be nice to report it to bugtracking system.

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    Re: How to overcome: Multitouch hides application on N9

    This bug has been resolved and it will be part of one of the coming firmware release.

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