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    QA team playing up and no publisher support

    On last week I updated my app and submit it ot QA team.
    My app is on Ovi store for many months already and it's minor tweak.

    Here's brief description of my app: it's yet another stopwatch, it's free
    and it shows QGraphicsView in fullscreen mode, draws digits on it
    and shows ads from smaato. That's all.

    To my surprise my app failed QA review. And it failed it paritally!
    It appears that my app is ok for old S60 devices and not acceptable
    for new S3 devices.

    QA team leave me this message:
    > Passed QA with the following issue:
    > SUMMARY: The text on Home Screen are not readable in the similar color with the background.
    > 1. Download the content.
    > 2. Select the downloaded theme and apply.
    > ACTUAL RESULT: The text on Home Screen are not readable in the similar color with the background.
    > EXPECTED RESULT: Content is displayed on device screen without any issues and is free of any illegibility and cropping issues.
    > AFFECTED DEVICES: N97, N97mini, C6-00 and All Symbian^3 devices.

    I think this message and whole QA reiview result is a mistake. Message
    tells something about theme and homescreen and text on it. But my content
    isn't a theme. My app don't provide homescreen widgets. It's simple
    Qt app which mostly consists of a QGraphicsView.

    I've already mailed publisher support concerning this matters and
    for everyone who interested and have powers to help here's my
    ticket number from auto mailer response:
    [Nokia Publish Support #77340]

    Here's more sad about this: automatic support mailer promised response
    within 2 business days. It's fourth day and there's no response from
    publisher support.

    And there's one screen shot from reporting tool that can show all my
    unbearable grief and endless sorrow (WARNING: watching screen shot is
    potentially dangerous for young children, pregnant women and mentally
    unbalanced persons) http://twitpic.com/71mx2z

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    Re: QA team playing up and no publisher support

    Thanks for providing me with your ticket reference number. I've extracted this from our inbox and is currently investigating this issue. I will respond directly to the email once I resolve this issue.


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    Re: QA team playing up and no publisher support

    In such a case, the safest way is to make a tiny teeny change and reupload.

    Nokias QA works on a much less accurate level, than, say Samsung bada. This has weaknesses (less errors caught), but also a big benefit: you can get most applications into Ovi on the second try...
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