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    Certificate Problem

    Hi all,

    1. i developed a application which is running successfully on simulator but when i installed it on symbian device it is running in background rather than foreground.

    2. so, i sent my code to Nokia and those people tested it successfully, and re-sent me the code with a sis file. When i tried to installed that sis file on my device, it flashes a error, "certificate error.contact the application supplier".

    i tried to create a Certificate and key for that same SIS file, following guidelines given in link

    but for me the command prompt says, makekeys is not recognized as a command.

    how to run this sis file on a symbian device which has a certificate error.
    or how to generate a Custom Certificate for this SIS file. (any command that can be used to generate)

    any suggestions..........


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    Re: Certificate Problem

    Basically you would need to use signsis (try it with command line as signsis -? to get all options for it) to first remove the signature, then make certificate & key file (or get key & certificate from Nokia store) and use the signsis to resign the file.

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