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    Question Setting up a private dpkg repository

    I know this is not a Qt question, but I hope there is someone for whom this question is a piece of cake to answer.

    How do I set up a "private" deb repository and make N950's package manager knowledgeable about it. I do have some debian experiences from the early 2000-s and I know what is "apt/sources.list" but the way this system is configured on N950 looks unfamiliar to me and I would hope for a simple "add this line" advice here before I dive into the manuals (of course, I've done some googling by now, didn't help).

    To be more specific, there is just one application I will be needing to update. I make it for a friend and I want him to be able to update it on his phone when I make changes. What are the two simple steps to make it "updateable", assuming I do have a webserver available where I could publish files via HTTP and I can ask my friend to modify his /etc/apt/sources.d or whatever.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Setting up a private dpkg repository


    I will give you some pointers which should help you to find more information. "dpkg repositories" are usually called "apt repositories" so searching for it will you more information

    Here is one page with brief instuctions and more pointers.

    Repositories are configure in /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory. Look the format from one of the files there and then create your own file with your own information.

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    Re: Setting up a private dpkg repository

    Thanks. I figured it out. I actually knew what dpkg repositories are, but having taken a look at my /etc/apt/sources.list.d and having found there weird things like
    "deb-exec /usr/bin/osa"
    I thought that maybe Meego does this whole things differently. Luckily it doesn't.
    For future reference, here's what seems to work:
    * Make a directory on the webserver /some/dir which is seen online at http://.../some/dir
    * Upload the .deb file there
    * Go to that directory on the server and run dpkg-scanpackages . | gzip > Packages.gz
    * Log in to the phone, make an /etc/apt/sources.list.d/my.list file on the phone, put the line
    "deb http://.../some/dir /"
    * Run "apt-get update" on the phone, which then allows to do apt-get install <packagename> and, hopefully, should work with the updater (although I haven't tested it yet).

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    Re: Setting up a private dpkg repository

    Please note that packages which are not fetched from OVI are installed from "unknown" origin.
    This means that some credentials could not work.

    Unknown origin policy in developers device is less strict than the same policy for non-developer devices.
    Then an application downloaded from a 3rd-party repository could work for a developer device but it could not work
    on standard devices.

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