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    XML data saving problem

    Hi there,

    If reverse GeoCode API is used, then one of the outputs is in XML format and when I m saving that data in a file using following code:

    RFileWriteStream outputFileStream(file);
    outputFileStream << aBodyData;

    the data is not getting saved properly..Some wierd characters like }Á are getting added in the beginning itself and hence my XML file is not proper..

    Can somebody guide how to resolve that??..


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    Re: XML data saving problem

    That is the length and type field of the descriptor (aBodyData).
    If you do not want to save the object, only the content, use RWriteStream::WriteL.
    If aBodyData is a 8-bit descriptor you could simply use RFile::Write.

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    Re: XML data saving problem

    Thanks wizard..that solved the problem!!..

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