This annoying problem seems to be large-scale with the N9 devices. Here's how it works (read: Doesn't work)

I had my device running with MfE from thu 13.10 until this morning (17.10) when it dropped. I've been following this problem with our company's Mobile-guys, and the thing is that everything is working normally at the server, policies etc. I've removed and re-installed my Exchange-account four times to my N9, it works for the 1-2 first sync-times, and after that the connection drops to the Exchange-server. The mobile-guys said that my device does not even connect to the Server, normally the cycle is within 30 min, if it is working normally.

I am totally frustrated, and im hoping that Nokia will come up with a patch soon to fix this issue, as a seven hundred euros worth of equipment SHOULD NOT have these kind of bugs.

Other mail-accounts works normally (POP3, IMAP)..

-> Any idea when the patch or 1.1 update for this MfE and other sw-glitches will be available? Rumor tells that week 44?