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    StartClientHandshake fails with KErrDisconnected

    I'm trying to request a file over https to our test server that has a test SSL certificate. I create the CSecureSocket class the normal way:

    iSecureSocket = CSecureSocket::NewL(iSocket, _L("TLS1.0"));
           iSecureSocket->SetOpt(KSoSSLDomainName, KSolInetSSL, *iServerName8); 
    This works fine on various NSeries devices that I have. But iStatus comes back with KErrDisconnected on the E7 I have. I get the prompt on the first request about the untrusted certificate. I accept it permanently and I see it show up in the trusted site certificates. I'm able to log the ssl handshaking on my server and I see that the server times out waiting for something from the device and then just closes the connection. I thought it could be because our SSL cert is not a valid cert but rather a test cert. But the HTTPS request works fine on the E7 if I go through the browser! ugghhh! Anyone have any ideas if something extra needs to be done for ESeries devices???

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: StartClientHandshake fails with KErrDisconnected

    Wow, no one has run into this or has any idea why this might happen???

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