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    Question QtCreator Wizard and QML ApplicationViewer

    Hi !

    I am using Qt SDK 1.3 and a Nokia N9.

    I am developping QtQuick applications. When I create such an application with the QtCreator wizard, it automatically creates me a QMLApplicationViewer. It works great on Desktop but I am unable to use it on Harmattan. setContextProperty does not work on Harmattan with this viewer (no pb on desktop).

    If I use my own QDeclarativeView in main.cpp, it works great on Harmattan but there is a glitch when rotating. The battery icon is not rotating. Is it an expected bug or am I doing something wrong ? Should I use QtCreator's QMLApplicationViewer or just use a QDeclarativeView ?


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    Re: QtCreator Wizard and QML ApplicationViewer

    If you build your app with harmattan booster option enabled then you cannot use any QDeclarativeView's methods with QMLApplicationViewer pointer. That's why setContextProperty doesn't work.
    If you want to use harmattan booster you have to use setContextProxy on d->view object defined inside QMLApplicationViewer class

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