The Series 40 web apps platform provides developers and consumers in mainland China with a dedicated server configuration. This enables faster load times and better overall performance when testing and running apps in China and on Chinese phone variants.

Version 1.5 of Series 40 web apps has been rolled out globally, but the dedicated Chinese servers ARE NOT yet available.

This means you can:
• install Nokia Web Tools 1.5 using the China specific configuration or upgrade your version of Nokia Web Tools 1.2.1.
• preview and debug web apps in the simulator using the local preview option and access all the new features of v1.5, such as geolocation and SMS sending.
• you CANNOT run cloud previews of web apps or deploy your web apps to run on a phone.

Once the update of the China environment is complete, you will be able to perform cloud previews and deploy to phones. Note that on phones the browser will be updated automatically when you run your first v1.5 web app.


We’re working hard to verify the final build of version 1.5 to be deployed to China and expect the work to be completed shortly.

This discussion thread will be updated, once the China environment for 1.5 is available.