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    float number precision - Help ASAP

    i used float my number with double data type to count distance between 2 node
    the result of the count need a float number with precision more than 7

    the result is 0.999999999999712342

    there's no problem the simulator
    but when i deploy on my symbian device, the result always round to 1.000000 eventhough I display with qDebug::number(result,'g',12) but the result stiil 1 in my symbian device. I need the number can store more than 7 precision because this result to sensitive in my code
    could somebody help me?
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    Re: float number precision - Help ASAP

    This is a bit strange, I dont really know what to post myself here.

    In the worst case, why not use a third party math library?
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    Re: float number precision - Help ASAP

    What are you trying to calculate? Some kind of new big bang theory Could the old trick be used where you multiply the components by very large number and do the mid math with bigger numbers?

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