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    Correct certificate for SMS sending, what is it?

    Hello to all.

    My question was probably asked, but I'm a bit stuck.

    Having old Nokia 6230, I have a midlet that is supposed to communicate to a database via sockets, receive data and send some SMS. I have a verisign certificate.

    If I do not sign midlet, I cannot select "always allow" in communication/data. If signed, it is allowed.

    But, messaging is always disabled. Only "always ask", or "not allowed".
    I cannot manage to open at least "ask once".
    This brings to zero all work, because with I need to send many SMS for users, and "always ask" is really not an option.
    Problem also is, that this app is very cheap, like 100 lines of code, and spending 300$ on certificate is kinda waste of money.

    Any idea what I'm missing?
    Maybe I can install my own certificate in phone or something. (Tried, but I have no option to add user certificates)
    Please suggest a solution.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Correct certificate for SMS sending, what is it?

    Hello Oleg,

    unfortunately there is no way to circumvent this issue, including inserting own certificates (this is not allowed, as you pointed out in your message).
    The fact of the matter is that Nokia 6230 is a really old device (Series 40 2nd Edition) and at the time of it's release the security domain configuration for Series 40 was much stricter than it is for the latest devices (or for example, for the devices within the last 2-3 years).

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    Re: Correct certificate for SMS sending, what is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by toplionkin View Post
    I have a verisign certificate.[…] spending 300$ on certificate is kinda waste of money.
    If your MIDlet is signed, you are in the domain trusted 3rd-party. There is not other domain you can go for by paying money.

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