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    Help, not have edit/animate option...

    hello guys , im fresh new in this.
    i downloaded carbide ui 4 and update it.
    i try to learn how to work with it, and very fast i find out i am missing the option to open animate editor.
    when i right click on any element, no metter witch one , i try many , i do not have option edit/animate...
    any1 knows why is that?

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    Re: Help, not have edit/animate option...

    Hello there MeTipTip and welcome onboard!

    Ok. Can you perform a quick check for me and right click the background component e.g. Now, this shoudl bring up the context menu, and it should contain an Edit/Animate option. Then, selecting this option in turn should open the built-in animation editor. If you do this, let me know what do you see? Thanks.

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    its the same here.
    no edit/animate option


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    Re: Help, not have edit/animate option...

    need this edit/animate option to make some transparent objects.

    can you tell me how can i delete this white stripe on the top of homescreen please?


    will it work with the edit/animate option ?
    which layer i have to do transparent?

    thanks a lot

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