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    Unhappy N950 meego upgrade

    i upgrade Meego on N950 over the air just now (a 300++ MB download), after installing the phone restarted but seems stuck at the 'Nokia' boot screen forever. anybody has any clue what to do next?

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    Re: N950 meego upgrade

    i find similar posting at http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...date-and-reset

    eventually i reflash my device using Beta 2 oneclickflashers at this link. After this re-flash, i make sure that my developer mode is not turned on (by default it is not after reflash) and i am not connecting the phone via USB to laptop, as i think this might be the steps that cause my failure in first attempt. I then reattempt the firmware upgrade to 2.2011.39-5 and it is successful. The phone restarting process after upgrade shouldn't take very long (mine is within 1 minute).

    after the successful upgrade, i restarted the phone, then i enable the developer mode at Settings->Security->Developer mode. the phone then performs developer mode package bundle installation and restarted.

    i have to say i am pretty meshed up by this update. in future i really have to think twice before applying update. I have encountered bricked situation with my other Symbian^3 device and i really this shouldn't happen

    other useful links

    ARM/N950 on Meego Wiki
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    Re: N950 meego upgrade

    I got my N950 in the same state, but at the moment all the links to the beta 2 are broken. Can somebody tell me where to download the one click flasher for N950 beta 2?

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