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    Thumbs up Nokia Publish Support Team Presents Our Updated FAQ List V.3

    We have updated our FAQ list to include these common questions. Check it out: http://support.publish.ovi.com/?cat=6

    What is the General Liability Insurance that is needed to become a Media Publisher?

    Media content such as ringtones, wallpapers, and videos are highly susceptible to copyright or other IP infringement. To insure the publisher against potential liability claims, Nokia requires a proof of general liability insurance of at least 1M USD.

    How often is my app wizard feed is updated?

    The update frequency is dependent on usage which means the more people reading the articles, the more frequent the content will be updated. However, checking for fresh content should be done at least every 30 minutes.

    How can I get my content spotlighted?

    To ensure your content is considered for Spotlight treatment, please ensure you have the correct assets uploaded to Nokia Publish and the content published in Nokia Store.

    How do I submit an application update in Nokia Publish?

    To update your application, click the “Content File” tab and click “Edit File” for the file you would like to replace. Upload your updated file and edit other fields and distribution settings as needed. Click “Submit file to QA” to start the QA review.

    Do not add a new content file. This generates multiple content files for the same product variant and will result in a failure during the QA review.

    I have reached € 100 threshold according to the Online Estimated Revenue. Why have I not been paid?

    There may be a couple of issues that you need to know:

    1. Banking Information: It may be possible that your banking account information is missing or incorrect. To check or add your Banking Information in Ovi Nokia Publish see [Bank Information] under the [Accounts] tab. If there is no banking information there, Nokia will not be able to make a payment to you.

    2. Operator billing can take one to several months to clear. Nokia issues the payment only when the payment amount is received from the Operators. Publishers are paid after the € 100 threshold is passed in Actual Revenue received by Nokia.

    3. Credit card purchase payment is usually delayed for 30 days. For example, revenue in August will be made at the end of September or the beginning of October.

    I am receiving an “Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier” error message when installing my app signed with the developer certificate. What should I do?

    This message indicates that there is already an older certificate version on your device leading to a conflict in your certificate database. To resolve this, do the following:
    1) Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Installed Apps -> Nokia R&D Certificate Provisioner and uninstall the file.
    2) Reboot your device.
    3) Install the renewed developer certificate .sis file
    4) Check that the dates are valid by clicking the certificate details of your new certificate.

    I am receiving a “Failure. Cannot provision certificate database (-14)” message when installing the certificate on my phone. What should I do?

    These are the possible reasons for receiving this message:
    • You have signed your application with an expired developer certificate .crt and .key pair. Check the .crt information and request for a renewed developer certificate if it has expired.
    • You are using an older version of the .crt/.key pair with a newer certificate installer. You must sign your application with the same .crt and .key pair issued with the developer certificate installer.
    • The IMEI is not present in the developer certificate. Contact Nokia Publish Support to recreate the developer certificate with the correct IMEI added.

    The Nokia Publish Support Team thanks you for helping us with compiling this list for all our valued publishers. We encourage you to provide feedback to help us improve your publisher experience with us!

    Best regards,
    Nokia Publish Support Team
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