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    N9 Messaing Application Changing Font Size


    I posted a question to the Nokia support site asking if the default fonts could be changed on the N9 specifically with in the messaging application, because I find the default font size hard to read.

    The reply I got was that it was not possible, but hopefully it would be fixed in an update.

    I was wondering if there was a way I can change the messaging font size manually. I want to increase the font size in the message input screen and also the message list.

    I logged onto the phone in developer mode and could not really find any obvious setting to configure the font size. If the font size is possible to change I would appreciate some information on how I can do this.

    Mark Ferguson.

    PS This is my first post and I read the disclaimer about posting only development questions so I hope this an appropriate question, even though it could be classed as product question.

    I am also a software engineer by profession, so I hope asking technical questions of this type is ok

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    Re: N9 Messaing Application Changing Font Size

    Developer mode nothing to do with font size. Still your question is not related to development and so its better suites in end-user related Dibo (Nokia support).

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    Re: N9 Messaing Application Changing Font Size

    Hi markfergy,
    To increase the fonts size you can modify /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/constants.ini file.
    There is no way to change it via settings panel.

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