In S60 3rd edition it seems that always the defaultConfiguration() return an access point with "UserChoice" name, meaning I cannot get rid of the "Select access point" popup when starting application if I choose defaultConfiguration() at startup:

QNetworkConfigurationManager networkConfigManager;
QNetworkConfiguration ap = networkConfigManager.defaultConfiguration();
What I've done is to store a selected access point name in QSettings and enforce it instead of defaultConfiguration(), which solve my problem of avoiding the popup.

The problem is that I don't know which QNetworkConfiguration from networkConfigManager.allConfigurations() to choose first. On application first run, I enforce defaultConfiguration() and user selects one access points, the problem is that all the configuration().name() and activeConfiguration().name() methods in QNetworkAccessManager and QNetworkSession return "UserChoice" and I cannot find out which access point was selected by the user. Is there any way to find out what access point was chosen? Am I calling the above methods at the wrong time? I hope I was clear enough.