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    Can not access files in Nokia C5-00!

    Hi All,

    I am trying to run PDAP demo application available in netbeans which is for browsing the file system of the mobile in Nokia C5-00 mobile.
    I facing the IIO exception while opening some of the folder while for some folders it is working fine.

    The error I am getting while accessing is Application Error! Application will close now.And I am not able to proceed further. I need to close the aplication and need to reopen the app again to procee.

    I am getting following folders in the root

    1- C:/
    2- Phone Memory:/
    3-Memory card:/

    But in series 40 devices only two folders are there in the root folder i.e. C and D drive.

    How to overcome these file access error able to browse to all the files of Nokia C5-00 device.

    Please guide me...

    Thanks & regards,

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    Re: Can not access files in Nokia C5-00!

    1 & 2 are the same location.

    3 & 4 are the same location.

    All directories/files are not accessible on Symbian (restricted by Symbian Platform Security features, and additionally/further by whatever is allowed by the Java environment). At the Symbian level, reading all directories would require, so called AllFiles capability granted to the app (writing everywhere would also require TCB capability). E.g., you can't view anything in, e.g., /private on the drive in question. So, for some file access errors (not allowed), you just have to accept the error/exception and skip such directories. E.g., the default directories for photos and music files should be accessible, at least.

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    Re: Can not access files in Nokia C5-00!

    Thanks Petrib for your reply.

    So, there is no way to access these folder through programmetically.The only solutio is we need to avoid these folder access right?

    Thanks & Regards,

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