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    Hi All,

    could i get some advice/guidance on following please:

    "we have observed that PKI has failed as an end-user technology because of the difficulty of providing and managing keys and certificates. Could NFC technologies make a material difference in the take-up of PKI? Explain how, or explain why not."

    Thank you.

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    Re: Question.........


    Just cureous to know where it is mentioned?

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    Re: Question.........

    Seems a bit like a school assignment to me. Is it a school assignment, gungy? If it is a school assignment, I'm pretty sure that Google and wikipedia will have enough for you to complete it.

    Anyway, as NFC per se is, more or less, just a short-range radio protocol; if you want to use it for security/authentication purposes, you'd still need a PKI system on top. At least in Japan, related to NFC, Sony's FeliCa, has at least proven itself to be viable in practice already some 10 years ago for handling small payments and authentication.

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