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    Unhappy Develop Application for E5-00


    I'm a totally new of developing mobile appliaction for nokia, i have searched a lot, until i got QT to develop app.
    Now. i made an application for example(Battery Indicator), but i cannot run it in my E5-00.
    Can you give step-by-step to run it?


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    Re: Develop Application for E5-00

    Qt is not supported on Nokia E5-00 (S60 3rd Edition) from Qt 4.7.x onward. However you can use older version (Qt 4.6.3) if you wish.

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    Re: Develop Application for E5-00

    Why are you targetting only E5-00 ???, target symbian^3 devices, using Qt SDK 1.1.3. You can run your app in remote device compiler, if you don't have S^3 device.

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    Re: Develop Application for E5-00

    You can find the Remote Device Access from here: https://www.developer.nokia.com/Devi...device_access/

    You can use your compiled sis/sisx file and test it there.

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