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    Problems with series 60


    Some one know in the series 60 how to let the midlet to work again after the
    player had pressed the menu button ( or athem system buttons) , and after decide to come back in the

    I would like to tnow if must take the control of something in the code to
    allow midlet to show the correct canvas. The system sayes that it is
    running, but nothing is shown, and to start again the midlet I should turn off /on the phone.

    Thanks for every suggestion.


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    i only know this for the 7650:

    when you keep pressing the menu button a list will appear with the running applications. you can then select one by moving the joystick thingie...

    in java the pauseApp() method of you midlet should be called when the midlet is 'hidden'. in there you should 'save' your screen. the 'start' method can then restore it.

    in fact the pauseApp is never called for some reason. the application just 'keeps running' and for me things just work... it looks like a bug but i think symbian os is much better in multitasking than any-java-community-process predicted.

    just test if on your phone pauseApp is called.

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