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    Simple Homescreen app launcher for Qt

    I've developed an app in QtCreator using standard Qt, which results in a .sis.

    It's a game for toddlers and very young children to use, so I'd like an option so that a homescreen "widget" (which will just be a wide image) can be added to the phone that just launches the application. It needs to be a standard sized widget rather than just an option on the standard "Applications" widget because it needs to be clickable by little fingers with poor dexterity.

    I've been doing loads of reading about several different ways of getting stuff onto the homescreen and I'm going around in circles. I don't want to create any other functionality for the widget other than it just sits there waiting to be clicked on, then it launches the main application.

    I'd also like this all package up into the main .sis so that only one installation is needed for the application and the launcher widget. Is this possible?

    What would be the simplest way of attacking this?

    I was thinking of using the basic functionality from http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ed_application but then how do I add this to my .sis?



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    Re: Simple Homescreen app launcher for Qt

    Hi MattLG,

    It should be doable, but requires some additional code. See Lucian's comments in following thread.


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    Re: Simple Homescreen app launcher for Qt

    Add this javascript code:

    (something like: widget.openApplication(0x2003995D,'')

    It works on my app.
    I discovered Qt in the summer 2010, it was sooo easy and nice to use, that I begun to write some apps.
    Thank you Nokia, for giving me this possibility!

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