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    Any idea how to get thumbnail of local videos on Symbian^3?

    Hi, Everyone!

    Does any one know how to get thumbnail of local video on Symbian^3 devices (Anna, Belle)? I'm using Qt SDK 1.1.3 and I've tried to use several ways, but still without success:

    1. SDK contains thumbnailmanager.h with suitable API but there is no armv5 library to link with
    2. SDK also contains TNEVideoClipInfo.h with acceptable API but there is also no armv5 library (.lib) to link
    3. Tried to use CVideoPlayerUtility2::GetFrameL - it returns Not supported even for videos taken from device's camera. Any initialization is done properly - CVideoPlayerUtility2::Play plays video fine

    Can someone please help me? I've found several similar topics on this forum, but all them are quite old and don't work on Symbian^3 devices. Any suggestions, API, code snippets would be very appreciated.


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    Re: Any idea how to get thumbnail of local videos on Symbian^3?

    GetFrameL does not work, basically not all libraries & headerds are included in the SDKs. You could check the open source parts whether the libraries would be there, or you could try out the paid technical support.

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    Re: Please help: need to get thumbnail of local videos on Symbian^3 devices

    I merged the two threads, since they were basically the same and this belongs to Qt for Symbian dibo.

    Like Symbianyucca said, you might consider making a paid technial support request to ask about the feature: https://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Support/
    This is because the functionality seems to exist in some Apps, there might be some API to do it.

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