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    timer based 'socket' polling

    We are trying to implement a multiplayer type game under the s40 web app api, however, we are running into a hell of a lot of problems creating something akin to a streaming socket to poll for game state changes etc.

    atm, we do our polling with a timer based function with a 1 sec delay, but this then "locks" the phone (an X3-O2), make it impossible to do anything else. pumping the delay seems to help, but even at 8 sec, its still very bad, even worse it makes the interaction sluggish.

    Is there any way around this, ie: can we make this idea work, or is it too intensive to send/receive data and still have working interactions for the S40 web app platform?

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    Re: timer based 'socket' polling

    Hi Necrolis,

    What you are trying to do is on limits of Series 40 WebApps. You might already know, but only JavaScript that can be run on a device are methods provided by the MWL. Everything else is executed on a proxy server side. Hence polling results into a roundtrip to server and back.

    Another issue that you might not have confronted yet is session timers. If a user does not interact with web app for five minutes, session expires and web app is reloaded automatically.

    This is just my opinion, but I would recommend on using Java ME for serious game development.


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