I want to develop a nfc p2p application for Symbian^3, but the com.nokia.nfc.llcp package is missing in the Symbian^3 SDK NFC Plugin.
When I built a midlet with the SDK for the Nokia 6212, I was able to open a llcp connection on a Nokia 700, although the system property "com.nokia.nfc.llcp.version" returns null.
Unfortunately there are some changes (e.g. ServiceID has been renamed to ProtocolID, NFCIPConnection was removed completely) in the API. It's very confusing, that there exist so many different versions of the Contactless Communication API Extensions (6131, 6212, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle).
Where can I see which device supports which version of the Contactless Cummunication API Extensions and where can I find an SDK which supports LLCP connections on Symbian^3?