Posted by Nigel Whitaker,
on February 24, 2002 at 22:14

Basically, start by uninstalling/deleting every reference to NOKIA from your computer, (use search files/folders to find all the little bits).

Download the user interface/driver from this site, that includes win 2000 pro, and install without the cardphone inserted. When the computer asks for insertion, do this, and when it asks whether to searsh for driver, allow it to do this, and it should try to install a generic PCMCIA card modem driver, allow it to try, but it should then give a list of compatible hardware, including PCMCIA modem, and NOKIA card phone 2.0. Highlight the Card phone, and proceed to finish. This worked for me, and from a position of total frustration, I'm now satisfied with my efforts, but still bugged with NOKIA for not spellin out the options for XP.

If anyone else has success with this method, please post a result, so I know it wasn't a fluke !