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Thread: X3-02 icons

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    X3-02 icons

    Hi all,

    I'm developing an app on X3-02 and have created icon images following the specs detailed here (240x320):


    However, some list icons appear OK while all the alert icons appeared vertically distorted. Did anyone experience this and what other sizes work OK?


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    Re: X3-02 icons


    This is most likely an issue related to the specific svg file you are using. You device is using the a 58x76 resolution display for the Alert icon. That means, if your svg icon's aspect ratio is a square, the icon will be distorted when displayed and it will look as if it has been stretched on the vertical axis. The best way to deal with this issue, is to edit your image, so that it matches the expected resolution.

    Svg Edit is a free svg editor. You can download it from here:

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