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    NDEF MIME Record charset problems with MIME type application/x-vcard

    I’m having problems with NFC vCard containing special characters such as following used in Turkish language: ş , İ , ü, ı, Ş.

    How to make them work universally in all Nokia NFC phones when encoding vcards on NFC tags? For example following data works ok when open the vcard via Nokia C7 / Nokia 701 web browser but after I tried to read exactly same data out of a NFC tag the special chars aren’t shown correctly by the phone.

    The exactly same data imported via web browser works just fine. The vCard data via web browser and the tag data (in hex format) is exactly the same. Could it be for example that the NFC interface converts the read data into some other character set along the way and the messes up the data?

    Here's the example data:

    ADR;TYPE=WORK;CHARSET=utf-8:;;Plaza Meşrutiyet Cad.;İstanbul;Tepebaşı;;Türkiye
    TITLE;CHARSET=utf-8:Uluslararası Yatırımlar Genel Müdür Yardımcısı
    ORG;CHARSET=utf-8:TTTTTTTT İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.
    Tested phone version and language information were following:

    C7 - Symbian Anna (I need to check the language version..)
    701 - Symbian Belle 111.010.1009 (language pack: 111.010.1009.05.01)

    The very same vCard content can be correctly read with Google Nexus S and the chars are shown correctly. There’s perhaps not so strict documentation available via NFC Forum considering writing NDEF Record of type MIME on a tag but could You please point me out how to encode special characters on NFC tag so that those chars are correctly shown by Nokia NFC phones?
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