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    Question Problem with carbide 4.3

    With this last version of carbide i'm having this problem:

    Pack the theme/install to the phone/apply theme and when i make a call i get this:

    I have to restart the phone to correct the issue

    Anyone having this problem?? HELP!

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    Re: Problem with carbide 4.3

    It's a common issue in s60 v5..after u applying new theme some of the elements still holding the old theme!!!! after restart it's ok !!! I had that kind of problem in phonebook area.

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    Re: Problem with carbide 4.3

    I create a new theme from scratch (obviously copying and pasting the old ones) and the same problem.
    The problem was the digital clock of the belle default project. I solved making a new default (with anna template) project without the digital belle clock

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