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    Nokia Publish Support Team Presents Our Updated FAQ List V.4

    We have updated our FAQ support page with the following topics. Please see our support page for the entire list.

    After submitting an update for my app, the metadata had been published before my file. How do I ensure that both my files and metadata are published simultaneously?

    Publishers are advised to upload the content files to Nokia Publish and wait for the QA process to be completed before updating the metadata. The time taken to review the metadata is substantially shorter and result in shorter delay in synchronizing the two during the publishing process.

    See FAQ

    Why am I receiving a "Requested Access is not granted" error message when trying to install my developer certificate signed application on my device?

    This message means that capabilities (CommDD, NetworkControl, MultimediaDD ) requested by your application are restricted capabilities that is not offered through Express Signing. Your only choice of signing is Symbian Certified Signed. Nokia Signing only provides the same capabilities as the Symbian Express Signed and does not provide Restricted capabilities.

    See FAQ

    My content has been failed. Where do I find the reports?

    If your content has failed the QA review, you will be notified via email with a list of found issues with your application.

    Conversely you may also check the comments log for these reports as well. The metadata failure will be captured in the metadata comment log while any issues with your file will be captured in the file comment log.

    Please see Nokia Store Content Guidelines for the requirements all applications must adhere to.

    See FAQ

    I am unable to submit my metadata.

    Submission problems to QA may be a result of the icon or screenshot file names containing periods. To fix this, please rename image file and delete all scaled images in your content item. Re-upload your renamed file once more and click "Submit to QA".

    See FAQ

    I have two versions of my application for different device platforms. How should I upload them to Nokia Publish?

    If the metadata can be shared between the two files (e.g. same price points, display names, etc.) and there will be no overlap in the distribution coverage, we encourage publishers to upload both files under one content item.

    See FAQ

    Keep us posted on any publisher-related inquiries!

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