Can anyone tell me why an SP tone that I created refuses to open on the 6100?
The file was a conversion from an SMF. - It's my business to create a one size fits all type file for the company that I work for, so I have to use this approach.
- I assumed at first that the file was too big at 26 seconds long (4.01k) so I cut it to 10 seconds (1.79k) for a test and it worked fine. - At 13 seconds (2.54k) the phone could not open the file.
However, another SP file - authored using the exact same method opened without any problem, at 30 seconds (5.64k)
- The instrument sets were similar, all controls and the MIP message were at exactly the same cue point and neither file has exessive control or note data.
My only assumption is that Nokia have introduced a 'Good taste chip' that refuses to let this tune past - It's a LeAnn Rimes song!
But, if I'm wrong, what else could be causing this to happen?