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    Develop Symbian WRT widgets with Nokia Web Tools 1.2

    With the release of Nokia Web Tools 1.5, support for the development of Symbian WRT widgets is no longer supported in the tool. If you wish to start or continue Symbian WRT widget development you should use Nokia Web Tools 1.2.

    Note that Nokia Web Tools 1.2 requires a patch to resolve preview issues with Symbian WRT widgets in Windows simulator. This is because Web Developer Environment needs to be run in administrator mode for web app previews to open in Web App Simulator. You can now resolve this issue with a patch that is available at http://tools.nokia.com/wt/patches/1.....2.0_patch.zip. Simply install this patch onto your PC and the next time you run Web Developer Environment you can do so without having to run it with administrator privileges. For more information on the patch see the Nokia Web Tools release notes at http://tools.nokia.com/wt/notes/1.2/release.html.

    If you wish to develop both Series 40 web apps and Symbian WRT widgets please refer to the installation guide for version 1.5 which explains how to install and use both versions of the tool.
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