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    Applications for N9 should grow fast

    Hi everyone,I'm a fans for nokia,but the applications for N9 are so poor,I just want to know,When and how the Symbian or Andorid applications written in Qt can be used to Nokia N9?

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    Re: Applications for N9 should grow fast

    Every developer of Qt applications must take their app, and make an N9 version of it (adjusting things in the code and packaging as required to support the N9). In other words, Qt apps for other platforms will not automatically run on the N9, but need some work (depending on the app, the amount of work is more or maybe less).

    This means that unless the app developers see an interest/need to make their app work also on the N9, it won't happen. Some will. Perhaps many will. Many won't bother.

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    Re: Applications for N9 should grow fast

    what a pity,however,thank you

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