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    Question PageStack stange behavior

    Hi !

    I am developing a symbian application using the PageStack Component as the root item. As of now I can only deploy in the simulator so may be this problem is specific.

    I have two pages. The first one is initialy displayed and then later, I push the second. When I push the second one, it is all messed up because some elements in it refers to the parent's size which seems to be zero when the page is just created. I have to change the kind of phone in the emulator to see my Page correctly displayed.

    Any idea ?

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    Re: PageStack stange behavior

    You could always try the RDA service to check whether it behaves better in real devices. Just click the devices tab on top of the page, and select remote access from there.

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    Re: PageStack stange behavior

    I have solved it. PageStack was my root element, I had forgotten the Window...

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