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    Question Doubt about top level window touch event on 5th and ^3

    I need to implement an application that using top level window to display image on desk for 5th and ^3.

    And I have used EnableReceiptOfFocus(EFalse) to make this window disabling receipt of keyboard focus.

    What can I do for making the window not to handle the touch event but process the touch event to the icons that it covered?

    PS: for example, the image is transparent, full screen and on the top of the desk. and user can see the application icons on the desk behide the transparent image(top level window). and user can touch the icon although there are a top level window. Now, because of the top level window, user can not touch the application icons that behide the image. what should I do?
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    Re: Doubt about top level window touch event on 5th and ^3

    I have the same quesetion, i create a new windowgroup and a window based on the new windowgroup, i just want my window to display something but not handle any pointer event(the event shoule be handled by system as usua), i have already set the
    iMyWindowGroup.SetOrdinalPosition(-1, ECoeWinPriorityAlwaysAtFront);

    I found my window just refused keybord event ,but still handle pointer event,
    So i have doubt that as long as the window is on the top of window server(set prioty ECoeWinPriorityAlwaysAtFront), i must handle the poniter event?
    or there are some method to sovle this problem?

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    Re: Doubt about top level window touch event on 5th and ^3

    Basically you could re-size your window not to fill the whole screen. then the areas that it is not occupying would work normally. Or you could try not using windows, and for example instead try using RWsSprite. RWsSprite though does not have Z-order function, and I did experience that when it is used with screen play (Any symbian^3 device), some other things can some times take over the Z-order, making the sprite invisible. Thus I would not recommend utilizing it with Symbian^3 devices, if the sprite is supposed to be visible over extended time periods.

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