I have a new verisign java code signing certificate and I have signed my j2me app using it. I am able to install the application on Nokia series S60 phones without any error. However when I try to install this application on Nokia series 40 phones, it gives me "Invalid Certificate" error. I have tried it on the following two phones:

1. Nokia C2-01 phone with software version: V 10.50 07-01-11 RM-721 (c) Nokia

2. Nokia X2-01 phone with software version: V 04.90 28-09-10 RM-618 (c) Nokia

I have also followed the discussion on the following link, which suggests having a common name with no spaces:


And my new java certificate from verisign is having no spaces in the common name. Even with this the application is not installing on the Nokia series 40 phones giving the "Invalid certificate" error. As per Verisign support, they have checked the certificate chain in the signed application jad and jar file and it is correct. My application's jar and jad files are available at the following link:


Can someone please let me know what could be the issue and how can I install a signed application in Nokia series 40 phones? Please also note, that unsigned version of the same application is installing on above phones.

Appreciate any help to resolve the issue.